Model Df-S

Do you have a need for SYNTHETIC FIBERS in your mix?

DF1000 - WOC2020 - 02

Using bagged fibers and want to change, or just not sure how to do it?
We have the Solution

Dosmec™ range of fiber dispensers is a relatively cost effective solution to weigh fiber into your mix and can be added as an extra scale input in your batching controller.
The whole dispenser is mounted on loadcells and works as a loss in weight system.
Enter the quantity as a weight per cubic meter or cubic yard in your batch formula. The fiber will be added to your aggregate belt as the aggregate discharges from the scale.

The principle is well proven.

Use of a vibrating bowl feeder untangles bunches of fibers and they travel smoothly up the spiral channel with excess material dropping back into the bottom.
The result is a continuous feed and a loss in weight as the material drops onto the aggregate belt.