Model Cmuf



 Do you have a need for synthetic or metal fibers in your mix ON SITE?

Dosmec™ Model CMUF is a MOBILE SYSTEM enabled to untangle and feed the fibers. Everything ON SITE!
CMUF does not weigh and dose the material but helps to AVOID BALLING while FEEDING THE FIBERS at a fixed or controlled (option) speed. It is the EASIEST AND LOWEST COST METHOD to feed TRUCK or VOLUMETRIC MIXERS from ground level.

Combo Model CMUF is composed of 2 machines: Model IUF1000 is a vibrating hopper to store and untangle the fibers.
Model MBF is a mobile foldable belt to convey the fibers smoothly and steadily to the desired location. Both the machines are connected on a trailer to be POSITIONED PERMANENTLY or MOVED FROM PLACE TO PLACE.

DOSMEC™ CMUF handles most of the synthetic or metal fibers such as:

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