Our History


The brand Dosmec™ was established in 2019 when we  realized  that the production of Automatic Fibre Dispensers, previously  carried under the BetonMec make, finally deserved its own autonomous life.

It was decided to create the patented new brand  Dosmec™ to  satisfy the varied  demands of machines and technical tools resulting  from the new technologies  in the Concrete Industry or other Technical Sectors.

For us dosing means the whole area including  Special Dosing Machines (Fibres, Additives, New chemical Admixtures) and the new automations resulting from these technical changes.

Of course, our first applications were in the “construction” industry where BetonMec has its  own “core business”. Soon, we received many requests of new dosing machines and related complete systems also in other industrial fields.
To satisfy these requirements  we started to carry  out tests and researches to improve  equipments.  Even now, we are constantly striving testing and making minor upgrades to make our products more efficient and reliable.

Dosmec ™ is the expression and synthesis of BetonMec corporate strategy which is in short “working to get the maximum customer satisfaction”. Dosmec™ is extremely sensitive towards the continuous technological developments necessary to supply, solve and simplify the new production process.